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Fremont Fun Club News Letter
March 18, 2006

B.F. Day Auction - way to go

Thank you to all the members who participated in some way in making the B.F. Day Auction a huge success this year. Our Rotary membership through donations and purchases accounted for over $11,000 of the roughly $83,000 that was taken in. A huge amount by any standard. About B.F. Day www.seattleschools.org/schools/bfday/

Fremont Moisture Festival - March 26th 3pm

It will start soon with one specific show to benefit the B.F. Day School on Sunday March 26th 3pm. The school and myself have 20 tickets each left (we have sold 110) at $15 for adult and $7.50 for children. The Rotary has signage at the event as a sponsor with money we raised from the TROLL at the last meeting. You can show up and purchase a ticket at the door on the day of as well. A big thank you to Suzie, Susan, Michael O, Dr. Marty, Randy, Melissa, and Ole for purchasing tickets. For more info visit www.moisturefestival.com

Fremont Rotary Auction to benefit Rotary First Harvest - April 18th

On april 4th and april 11th we will be having time for a work party at our meetings to get ready for the Fremont Rotary Auction to benefit Rotary First Harvest on April 18th. The Club meeting will be extended to 8pm. At the next meeting we will have procurement forms. Take the time to start putting together some great items for the limited live and silent auction. If you are thinking cheap used junk, like a "broken singing fish that hangs on the wall" - I would think again my friend. To learn more about RFH visit www.firstharvest.org

Some ideas for donations are tickets to upcoming plays, concerts or sporting events, restaurant gift certificates, a boat trip to a local island, to name only a few. Going down the list of members: Hales swag and beer, medical tune-up, flowers, desserts, poker tourney buy-in, financial planning, computer work, car repair gift certificate, jewerly, art, mariners tickets, pottery, vases, tickets to a sunday ice cream cruise, Copy of Micosoft Office are all examples of some great donations I hope to see at our auction. If you need to put a "reserve price" on your donation so it doesn't go cheap I think we can do that as well. Erik and Melissa are coordinating the project, so make sure you get your forms into them ASAP.

Membership Drive - Ongoing

When you are out getting donations from local business people it would also be a great time to invite potential new members to a great fun event. Not only will Rotary First Harvest leadership be there, but members of West Seattle and Magnolia are currently looking to attend as well. I will have some material for you to take to people hopefully by the next meeting. If anyone has any ideas to include in a membership packet please get in touch with me. The packet is something we can always change, so nothing is written in stone.

District Conference - Whistler B.C. - April 21 - 23

Our district is celebrating all our clubs do in Rotary in a big way this year. I have room for another in my room if you want to bunk up with me. There will be buses going up to Whistler on thursday if you don't want to drive. Visit www.rotary5030.org and click on district conference for more up to date info

Project Amigo Fundraising Party - May 13th Saturday 7pm to close

At the Feb. board meeting the board adopted the Project Amigo Fundraising Party as a club project for this year. This mexican themed party at Michoacan Mexican Restaurant raised $2,500 two years ago with a match to $4K to help pay the rent for Casa Amiga a home for a dozen village girls to continue their secondary education. Tickets are $50 for two people. Prior to that we had two golf tournaments that raised $2,500 each with a match to $4K each. Suzie has visited the Project a number of times and her daughter Kirby was there for a long time as a volunteer. Project Amigo was started by Susan and Ted Rose who are Rotarians who have visited our club at least three times. Please mark this date on your calendar. More on this later and you can visit www.projectamigo.org to learn more about this organization.

Rotary Foundation - Paul Harris Fellow - May 16th Meeting

Again I want to thank all Six Members who have made the commitment to reach the Paul Harris 1,000 Level with their donations to the Rotary Foundation. On May 16th PDG Rosemary B. Aragon, (District Foundation Chair and Zone 23 Regional Membership Coordinator) plus John Matthews, (District Foundation Permanent Fund Chair), Dave Maloney (Asst District Governor) will be here to help us recognize those achieving that level of giving. To the best of my knowledge I have contacted all the members in our club. If I failed to talk to you personally about this opportunity (matching funds available for all) to reach a Paul Harris please accept my deepest apologies and contact me, so we can sit down and talk about the Rotary Foundation or you can visit www.rotary.org

Remember our club was the beneficiary of $5,000 (boys and girls club vans) from the Rotary Foundation that came back to us this year. We hope to get another $5,000 next year. FYI - the Rotary Foundation donated back $111 million in 2004-2005 for projects all over the world. You read that number right. To learn more about FREE MONEY FOR CLUB PROJECTS visit www.rotary5030.org and click on simpified grants.

Rotary Foundation - Planned Giving

On another note, Rotary Foundation also has Planned Giving. If anyone would like to talk about a Planned Giving commitment Suzie or I would be happy to sit down with you. If you prefer I could put you in contact with a district representative. Donating to the Bequest Society from your estate starts at the $10,000 level.

Attendance Make-ups

Contact Jay via email jay@superiorautoservice.net to update your attendance and personal information. If you visit the web to see what is going on with the above links you can get a technology make-up. Currently, Jay is on vacation, but upon his return club attendance will be updated and available for your review. One thing to note is: You need to be at the club meeting as often as you can be. Please make the commitment to make the time for Rotary Meetings.

District Assembly - May 20th Bellevue Community College 7:30am to Noon

All club members are invited to District Assembly. One of the best ways to learn about Rotary.

Yours in Rotary


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