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The Fremont Fun Club meets on Thursdays
from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at
Seattle Elks Lodge #92
3014 3rd Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
Rotary club info Phone 206-632-0124


Rudy Pantoja - President 2024-2025
Rudy Pantoja - Immediate Past President
- President Elect
Randy Cryer- Secretary
Suzie Burke- Treasurer

Club Service Chair - Beth Tesh
Rotary Foundation - Suzy Burke
Rotary First Harvest Chair, Suzie Burke
Web Site Chair, Randy Cryer
Club Programs and Events Chair, Beth Tesh

Active Members

Aliza Albornoz
John Booker
Suzie Burke - Founding Member
Randy Cryer - Charter Member
Vickie "Kiki" Dotis
Sue Little
Rudy Pantoja
Adrienne Seiarra
Beth Tesh

*new member, less than a year
Charter Members ( are posted in bold)

Past Presidents

Rudy Pantoja - President 2023-2024
Rudy Pantoja - President 2022-2023
Vukasin Nickolic - Immediate Past President 2021-2022
Kurt Kapusuzoglu - Past President 2020-2021
Jeff Hickey - Past President (2019-2020)
John Booker - Past President (2018-2019)
Zoe Mote - Past President (2017-18)
Robert Hammer-Past President (2016-17)
Armando Cruz, Past President (2015-16)
Beth Tesh, Past President (2014-15)
Al Souza, Past President (13-14)
Mark Steelquist, Past President (12-13)
Chris Pierard, Past President (11-12)
Todd Holec, Past President (10-11)
Jean Withers, Past President (09-10)
Randy Cryer, Past President (08-09)
John Booker, Past President (07-08)
Larry Kezner, Past President (06-07)
Jeannine Welfelt, Past President (05-06)
Ole Carlson, Past President (04-05)
Ann Sloper, Past President (03-04)
Charles Young, Past President (02-03)
Kathleen O’Connor, Past President (01-02)
Mike Hale, Past President (00-01)
John Rose, Charter President (Feb 99- June 00)

Charter Members ( are posted in bold)

In Memorium;

Gene Tonnemaker - our Godfather
John Rose - our club charter President
Chuck Keenan - our original Programs Chair and Charter Member
Howard Swerland - Charter Member
Edd Hoeschen - charter member
Larry Kezner, Past President (06-07) and Charter Member

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Fremont Club ID# 53074

District 5030

Fremont Fun Club Meets at 5:30 on Thursdays at:
Elk's Lodge #92
3014 3rd Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
hone 206-632-0124
Email - We are a volunteer club, not a business. Do Not Send Marketing to this email.